Iraq Enmity : An Iraq War

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Iraq Enmity
In March of 2003, United States troops were deployed into Iraq to topple the government of Dictator Suddam Hussein. Merely nine months after the war began, Hussein was captured and executed by a United States regime. After Hussein’s demise, the power vacuum that was created led to violence between the two dominant Muslim denominations the Shias and the Sunnis. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed in the first few years of conflict. A surge of US troops were once again sent to Iraq in hopes to reduce and resolve violence that was created after their dictator’s death. In 2011 troops were extracted from Iraq and sent back home to the US only to be deployed once again three years later as a result of a military offensive and a worldwide Islamic Caliphate that was declared (Seven Years in Iraq: An Iraq War Timeline). Thirteen years after the war initially began and controversy still remains. As this specific topic floods the news with dispute it is imperative to note certain techniques authors use to make their statements persuasive. The use of logical appeal and ethos strengthens an author’s claims while a biased statement weakens it.
When an author writes an article, a purpose is always portrayed through how an author creates their piece and who the intended audience is meant to be. Finding the author 's purpose is key to being able to analyze the work in itself. Audience is a major role in purpose as well. Figuring out the audience from context clues can be

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