Rhetorical Analysis Of Pathos In Afghanistan By Choice

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What would a person do if his or her child asks, “Will you make it back home tonight?” The easy answer would be to leave his or her country, but that decision is not simple. Afghans center their life on their culture, family, and friends so it is not easy for them to leave their homeland. In the New York Times Op-Docs series “Afghanistan by Choice,” the film director, Alexandria Bombach, appeals to pathos through the juxtaposition of settings and individuals. Her emphasis on pathos conveys the difficulty of leaving one’s country, thus abandoning his or her lifestyle; furthermore, the film director hopes to show the audience why leaving is such a hard decision for Afghans to make.
The audience can see how Alexandria Bombach appeals to pathos by juxtaposing different settings in Afghanistan to manipulate the audience’s emotions. The film director captures contrasting shots that evoke different emotions from the audience. They get a glimpse of the scenery in Afghanistan. For example, at the beginning of the documentary, Alexandria captures a woman walking up
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The film director first introduces the audience to Helena Saboori, a young and ambitious lady. Ms. Saboori reveals that her friends find her naïve for thinking that she will eventually one day reach her goal of starting an Olympic swim team in Afghanistan. They commend her for her bravery and willingness to stay in this war zone. In the interview, Helena says, “Bravery is all I have, if you take that away from me I am nothing.” By starting an Olympic team for Afghanistan, Helena wants to show her people that if they want to see a change, they have to be the change. This ambitious Afghan lady believes that leaving one’s country is a drastic step to take. Ms. Saboori

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