Similarities And Differences Between World War 1 And The Afghanistan War

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Introduction and Literature Review In this lab report, I will compare the experience of soldiers during World War I and the Afghanistan war and the similarities and differences of their experiences on the front line. On the one hand, World War 1 is an international war which occurred between 1914 and 1918 where the Central Powers ,Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey, fight the Allies, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and United States in 1917. This war ends with the victory of the Allies over the Central Power. The war “was virtually unprecedented in the slaughter, carnage, and destruction it caused.” ( Royde-Smith, Showalter, 2015). In other words, this war created a huge bloodbath and destroyed the landscapes, houses, and buildings. …show more content…
In Afghanistan war, Phil Williams’ poem “Reality in Afghanistan” , the author describes that he felt really bad for the soldier’s parents in which their sons will never come back home after their military service. In other words, parents are promised that their son will come back safe and sound at home after their military service even if there are chances that they do not come back. Also, Alex Cockers, a Royal Marine Commando from 2005-2009 explain in his poem “Tom” how much he miss his friend Tom by saying : “ ’ll remember Tom forever. And raise a glass in his name. A soldier to the death. We cry and cry again.” (Cockers, 2010). Moreover, Hannah Carpenter, soldier’s wife during Afghanistan war write in her poem “I am With You” that she cried and missed her husband, but she says she will be his strength and his guardian angel while he 's out there and she knows he is with her indirectly. In World War I, the soldiers had time to rest after their military training and their work. According to the Canadian War Museum, “While there was always military training and work fatigues that intruded on the “rest” period behind the lines, soldiers generally had the right to visit other units behind the lines or a local village.” (Canadian War Museum, 2016). When we look at the friendships and relationships during the First World War and the war in Afghanistan, they were very difficult for the soldiers to let their friends and wives / spouses during the war knowing that it was likely that they do not come back at home. However, it seems that soldiers during world war I had more leaving and time to see their families and friends than the soldiers in

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