The United States Constitution Is The Basic Law That Defines How Our Nation 's Government Should Behave

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The United States Constitution is the basic law that defines how our nation’s government should behave. Prior to its ratification, the Articles of Confederation were the basic law in America, and they were weak; rebellions against the United States militia happened more than once, and at the Philadelphia Convention, the Framers realized the pressing need for an entirely new constitution, not just amendments to the Articles. It took months to finish, but on September 17, 1787, the document was completed, though it took over a year for its authorization, with New Hampshire being the last state needed to ratify for The Constitution to become law.
It is quite interesting to observe the way these men wrote it; they had remarkable foresight in those days. America had not become the political bastion it is today. It was comprised generally of two parties: Federalists and Anti-Federalists; simplicity was the name of the game, but it seems America has misplaced its nametag. Madison could not have known that the United States would be exactly the way it is today without having a solid foundation of understanding of patterns. The American political and social systems go around a pattern wheel. There is a societal revolution, a period of good feelings that the revolution succeeded, an uprising of a new generation not content with the last revolution, all followed by another upheaval. Thomas Jefferson said that, “Every generation needs a revolution”, which is not to infer a massive…

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