The United States Army And Change My Life Essay

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In June 2010, I joined the United States Army to change my life. I am currently serving and as you can imagine I have experienced many things through my journey. I have had some great leadership along the way and some that were quite the opposite. During this time one person has stuck out in my mind, I will refer to him as Sergeant First Class (SFC) Smith. Although SFC Smith was a leader many aspects of his approach in which he dealt with situations led to his demise.

Upon arriving to my new unit in October of 2013, I met SFC Smith. Immediately SFC Smith let me know he was going to make my life hard and that things would not be easy. This was a tactic used by many so I wasn 't very worried about it. He was using intimidation to ensure I would not test him or think I could get over on him. Although he may have thought this was necessary, it wasn 't.

SFC Smith was known to make a name for himself throughout the Squadron. This wasn 't necessarily a good thing though. Most service members just dealt with him, but many hated him. During my time having him as a supervisor he would boast about how many people he had removed from the United States Army. This however, wasn 't something you should boast about. It was actually something that could be viewed as a leadership failure.

SFC Smith could either be your best friend or worst enemy. He would unfortunately play favorites even though he will probably go to his grave saying he never did. One way I can explain this is if he…

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