The United States And The Bracero Movement Essay

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Imagine living in a small, deteriorating and dusty pueblo where not that many options for jobs and income would arise. This would cause great difficulty to living a comfortable life as it was difficult to obtain food, clothes and shelter which are vital necessities for living. This uncomforting and jobless life was the life of my great grandpa, Pancho who was living with his family (his mother-in-law, father-in-law and his wife) somewhere in Sinaloa around 1940s without any luck. As he was searching for a job one day around 1942 he overheard someone talking about this Bracero program which intrigued him. He found out that it was a program where he could be immigrated out to work in the United States. Since my great grandpa was jobless and desperate, he began to do some investigating and set out to be in one of the first groups of Braceros that were sent to the United States. The Bracero movement is a deep dent in the history of immigration because it ignited Mexican immigration to the United States which created an impact that is still present to this day.
Many Mexicans that became Braceros thought the program would benefit them by getting a solid job and finally being able to provide for their families. But, to their dismay the program sounded too good to be true. Many of the Bracero employers violated the deals in which the Braceros would work under. These violations included the American employers making the
Braceros pay for food and shelter which was…

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