Causes Of The Mexican American War

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The causes of the Mexican-American War were due to several reasons and some were the independence of Texas, Nuevo Mexico, California, Sonora, and Yucatan. The new Mexican government led by its first Mexican President, Guadalupe Victoria, was a violent one due to the Anglo immigration to the Mexican northern territories. Centralism played an important role in the subsequent loss of the entire northern frontier to the United States (Meier and Ribera, 54). Texas grew tired of the violent harassment from Mexico’s government and declared for independence, therefore Anglo population were in belief of self-government and Manifest Destiny. Texas residents grew tired and would follow Mexican’s government policy in becoming Catholics and swearing and …show more content…
that will ultimately result in some violence due to many disagreements between the new Mexicans and the Anglo population. The Southwest was now opened to explore by the Americans, which what happened of the discovery of gold in 1848 and the sudden impact of California (Meier and Ribera, 70). The new wealth causes a large migration of the Anglo population which cause violence within the community of Spanish speaking citizens. Some people adapted to the new changes, but for some hated the Mexicans which some Anglo folks discriminated against the new Mexican/U.S. citizens. The Americans believed since they won the war against the Mexicans, that previously land and gold was supposed to be theirs and not the Mexicans who stayed to become Americans. Violence erupted in gold mines and citizens were being harassed by farm poachers. Anglo militia robbed and killed Mexican citizens to acquire land for farming and to steal gold mining jobs. The Land Act of 1851 gave squatters in increase in illegal actions such as violence or harassment to try to keep lands they robbed from previous owners. The Cart War of 1857 was another example on how discrimination between two parties led to violence, because Mexican businesses were charging more for goods to Anglos than

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