Essay on The Ultimate Deal On Pit Bulls

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The Ultimate Deal on Pit Bulls
Did you know that Pit Bulls are known as the “Jews of the canine world?” (Ingall). Pits bulls are hated for faulty reasoning, giving them the title of the “Jews of the canine world” (Ingall). There are many stereotype of pit bulls that lead to peoples reasoning for such hatred; they are unpredictable, dangerous, and vicious. Pit Bulls were originally breed to take down large animals, bulls in particular. When bull baiting became, illegal people turned to dog fighting, that is where Pit Bulls reputation came from. Before the stereotypes, Pit Bulls were considered All American Dog, known for being friendly, brave, loyally, and companions. Pit Bulls were even nicknamed the “nanny dog” because they were gentle and good with children (Pisani). Now Pit bulls are considered dangerous and vicious dogs, due to stereotypes, but these stereotypes are inaccurate. Due to inaccurate and misleading stereotypes pit bulls are characterized by the name of the breed and not the actions of the individual dogs, pit bulls are being wrongfully blamed, and pit bulls are receiving cruel and unfair punishment due to such stereotype.
Should all Pit Bulls be judged due to the image given to their name? Such images are given to the breed and not to the dogs as individual. Pit Bulls as a breed are considered “DNA-driven vicious beasts, biologically hardwired to kill”; these are dogs not machines (Ingall). The only thing they are hardwired to do is eat, drink, and play,…

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