Essay on The Types Of Distracted Driving

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Picture this, one evening you are driving home from a night out with friends, the sky is clear and the moon is full. Your favorite song is playing on the radio and you are just enjoying the night air through the window. Suddenly, your cell phone rings, you reach for your phone thinking it’s a call but when you look down it’s a text message from your friend. You look down for a second, taking your attention off the road and you hit something, losing control of the car and run full force into a tree. Could this accident have been prevented with a head-up display (HUD)?
Distracted driving is the number one cause for most motor vehicle accidents. There are three major types of distracted driving; visual, cognitive, and physical, Simon (2014). When it comes to texting while driving all three of these types of distracted driving come into play. First your hands are removed from the wheel, then your eyes are no longer on the road and lastly your mind is no longer focused on driving but on who is on the phone. All of these distractions make for a deadly combination. There are several ways to prevent distractions while driving. One way is to turn off all distractions i.e. radios, GPS devices, and cell phones. Another, way to prevent distraction from these gadgets would be to have a HUD (Head-up Display) installed in your car.
HUDs or Head-up Displays (2015) are see-through projection of data at the driver’s eye level allowing him/her to keep their eyes on the road at…

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