The Two Passages Of An All Nighter And Higher Education Essay

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The two passages How to Pull an All-Nighter and Higher Education: Not What it Used to Be, are two stories with relevance pertaining to college, and college age students. ‘How to Pull an All-Nighter’ written by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Jennifer Worick, is a guide, listing various tips on how to stay up all night, for work, school, etc. Higher Education: Not What it Used to Be is an article written by a journalist from the newsmagazine The Economist, detailing the rising costs and decreasing value of a college education, as well as explaining the reasons behind this phenomenon. There are numerous ways in which these two passages are both similar and different, depending on how you view each one. Many comparisons can be drawn between the two articles, despite them appearing completely unrelated.
The first difference is how each respective article deals with the problem presented in the passage. In How to Pull an All-Nighter the problem, (not being able to stay awake at night) is presented. After the problem is proposed, a multitude of solutions to that problem are offered, as a means to cope with the dreariness that comes with the fatigue of staying awake. In Higher Education: Not What it Used to Be, while the problem is addressed (the cost of college), and a solution offered, there is also the implied option of avoiding the problem all together, as the choice of simply not attending was present in the passage. This shows a fundamental difference in the approach…

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