Essay on The Two Most Important Lessons

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## The Two Most Important Lessons (And How to Kiss Self-Help Goodbye)

So I wrote a post on reddit talking about [my four agreements]( My four agreements are inspired by don Miguel Ruiz 's book, *[The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom](*

I decided to take my six most important lessons I have listed in the [summary]( and condense them to only four.

The simplicity makes my lessons more actionable, which I love.

However, four still seems like too much to hold in your head while going about our daily lives. Can I condense them to even less and make them even more actionable? No, I can 't. Those lessons stand as they are.

But, I can give you two ideas to keep in your head at *all* times that will naturally cause you to live by the four lessons.

Not only that, but they will help you break away from the self-help addiction as these two items will give you better answers and better results.

The two lessons are: [organic decision making]( and [take action](

Don 't underestimate these. Let 's go through each one by one.

##Organic Decision Making

Organic decision making is for the most part brainstorming with people you know.

But it 's much more than that. It 's about telling them what is on…

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