The Four Agreements Reflection

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The Four Agreements Reflection

In the book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz enlightens us about life. He gives us lessons that can help us in life. We can change our views on life by changing the way we think and act. Don Miguel Ruiz tells us that we are all limiting ourselves and need to open our minds to live an honest life. He tells us the way to do this is by following four agreements that can change your life forever. The first agreement is being impeccable with your word. When I first read this passage I realized how true everything Don Miguel said. I really liked how he described our mind being the Book of Law that rules everything. It also described our judgments as The Judge who judges everything in our world. I thought it
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This agreement is really hard for myself to accomplish. I tend to take a lot of stuff personally even though it probably has nothing to do with me at all. I’m pretty sure I have done this since I was in middle school. My anxiety also probably plays a part in this too. Like if I hear people laughing as I pass by or something like that I automatically think it’s about me. I really don’t know how all of this started but I have only noticed it a few years ago. So it was really interesting to see how taking things personally obviously affects our attitude. Also no one has ever straight up told me I’m stupid or other bad stuff. However, there has been times I have thought bad stuff about myself. I have always known my self-confidence can be better. I have made a lot of progress in other parts and in my life so this can definitely be my next goal. This agreement will definitely help me view myself differently, I have to be able to hear people’s opinions and comments about me either good or bad and not let them affect me. I think not letting good comments affect me will be hard though, because I really like being praised. I tend to doubt myself over my work/abilities and so it’s nice when I am reassured. However, Don Miguel says that you should already know that you are wonderful. You don’t need other people telling you that to believe it’s true. I think it would be hard to do, but I’m sure with practice anyone would be able to do it. The third agreement kind of goes hand and hand with don’t make

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