The Truth Of Growing Up Essays

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The Truth of Growing Up As a child all I wanted to do is just grow up and be an adult. As I grew older and taken on more responsibilities, I realized that growing up is not all that exciting and is actually difficult. In the final year of high school when college is the big stress, all the teachers want is to prepare us for the long papers, difficult tests and more stress. In the back of mind I’m thinking, wow this is going to be stressful, I don’t want to go to college anymore. Well my wish came true and I didn 't go to college for the first six months. Now I decided I’m ready for college and the future to come. I believe I am truly ready because I have discovered my mindset, my strengths and weakness and my past education has helped me. One of the biggest objectives that helped me discover that I am ready for college is finding my mindset. In the “Mindsets” by Carol Dweck, informs readers that a person 's mindset is based on what they believe and one 's abilities. This means that people who believe nothing will not put any effort into changing. Versus someone with a growth mindset they put effort into change and want to enhance in success, according to Dweck. Based on Dweck, I have a growth mindset because I 'm always putting effort to grow in knowledge. Meaning by this I love having Aha! moments when I learn something new or understand a concept. By having a growth mindset, I get excited about learning when it comes to psychology. Having a strong passion…

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