The Treaty Of Paris 1783 Essay

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In 1783 America becomes free from England 's hand over them. It all became official because of a Treaty that they signed, which is the Treaty of Paris 1783. America had started with not having any freedom, to having freedom all on their own now. Now that America is free, it is their job to try to clean their self up. They had the opportunity to make laws of their own and be able to follow them. America had wanted to write their own laws and make them official, since England has never done that before. During this “cleaning up” time for America, nothing has been easy. Everything that you could imagine has been thrown at their way. People of the land are trying to make things for their own state. States had begun to write their own constitutions so that they could all stay together. They did not want their individual states to fall apart, just like America and England. There had to be order to be able to stand as one. The first idea that America had was the Articles of Confederation. The Articles was the first step for Americas government. The Articles was made so that all states would come together and agree on things. They did not want states taking years to come through with a compromise on something that could be settled quickly. The Articles was set up so that States could vote in favor of each other. These Articles weren’t meant to be forceful but to be a “firm league of friendship”. In other words, America wanted to keep the peace. This new experiment was not…

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