Causes Of Federalism Prevent Tyranny Essay

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As the political theorist and philosopher, Edmund Burke said; “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” The United States of America was ruled by a tyrant king in 1776; they fought back which lead them to declare freedom and seek a new form of government. How does our written plan of government prevent all the power from going to a single place? Our plan of government stops a single place from getting too much power by federalism, separation of power, checks, and balances, and the great compromise. First, federalism prevents tyranny. Federalism prevents tyranny because it separates the power so it's not all in one place. This shows separation of power because the government and the states have their own laws/rules which they can enforce as they please. One federal power is the power to declare war.(Document A). This is a federal law …show more content…
The great compromise prevents tyranny because it helps the government help every state so no state has more power than the other. The House of Representatives helps the bigger states in America.(Document D) It helps the bigger states because it has the number of judges go by population so the more people in the state the more judges. The Senate helps the smaller states. (Document D). It helps the smaller states because everyone has the same number of people which is two. That is, how the great compromise fixes tyranny. In conclusion, federalism, the separation of power, checks, and balances, and the great compromise helped prevent tyranny. All of these rules helped the United States stay a tyranny-free nation because they all stopped all the power from being in the same place. The United States does not want to fall into tyranny because if the country does it will riot and fall apart as we know it. Though, if we keep up this system the United States of America will be tyranny free for a long

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