Constitution Guard Against Tyranny Dbq Analysis

Carmelo Figueroa
Per. 4
November 2, 2017

How Did the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?

Tyranny is one of the reasons that governments have gone to anarchy; People have rebelled and started riots or even wars due to the oppression of tyranny. The founding fathers of America wanted a government that was strong, but not too strong. They needed something that had power over the people and let the people have power. The constitution guards against tyranny with its flexible government.
Federalism is a key component of guarding against tyranny. Federalism helps guard against tyranny because it gives powers to the people and the government, which is a great way for people to not rebel. Madison thought that with two governments (state and federal government) the people would have double security. (Doc A) This is true because the federal government does make laws that protect the people; The state governments also make more laws for their state to protect the people further. One example of this is that laws make criminals face jail time. Then it is usually up the state how long they are going to be in there until they have
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This compromise guarded against tyranny because it gives equal advantages to every state by having two houses of government. One house would be based on state population, and the other would be equal (two reps per state) This is the house of representatives (population based, and the Senate ( equal reps), together they make the Congress. (Doc D) Without this compromise, there would probably be no legislative branch; They are one of the key branches because they approve most things and make laws. The legislative branch is the easiest way for people to have a voice in the national government. With the legislative branch, the other two branches have less power, making each one have almost equal

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