The Treaty Of Ghent Didn 't Benefit The United States Essays

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I believe it is valid to call the war of 1812 the worst fought war in America. First off, The United States Capitol was burnt down by the British and everything was destroyed except a picture of George Washington and The Colonial Flag. The United States believed that they were going to win Canada 's land and they weren’t able too. The war ended in a tie because they were extremely focused on the French Revolution and Napoleon. Issues within the country also created conflict with the American people. New England for example wanted to avoid the war and they actually sided with the British. The United States also didn’t have a big enough army to defend themselves from many other major countries. In order for other countries to not look down upon us, they had to have an established, large and successful military and they didn’t have that.

2.) The Treaty of Ghent didn’t benefit the United States at all. None of the issues that the United States wanted taken care of weren’t. This eventually led to an Economic collapse. The British were so tied up with the French that they weren’t focused on the United States. That benefited the U.S. because if the British weren’t tied up with other issues they would have torn our military apart and it would have made our country look like a joke.

3.) It was the second war for Independence. The French and British were taking advantage of the U.S. people. The french offered spots in their military and the British begged them to join their…

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