Essay on The Treatment Of A Kidney Transplant

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Late night drives, sporting events, sleepovers, dates, all teenage experiences Dawson Corbett has been robbed off. This 16 year old Ottawa local has been waiting for a kidney longer than four years. He has been undergoing dialysis for two years, needing to be hooked up to the machine for ten hours in order to filter waste from his blood. A daily occurrence for this 16 year old teen because there have been no kidneys available for him these agonizing past four years.

Having Kidney failure means that your kidneys fail to remove toxins and waste from your blood, a serious health risk needing treatment. The two options available are dialysis, which is only a temporary fix and transplants. For every patient on dialysis the cost is around $60,000 per year, while a kidney transplant is around $23,000 and another $6000 for medication yearly. Over a span of 5 years $250,000 is saved per patient in the healthcare system. In 2010, over 23,000 patients were undergoing dialysis costing the healthcare system millions of dollars in just one year. (Facing, pg. 1) In order to reduce those in need of kidney transplants and minimize the cost the Canadian government should legalize the sale of kidneys.

Those who are opposed to legalizing the sale of kidneys argue that it is immoral and exploits the poor. Admittedly those who use the black market to buy kidneys tend to exploit the poor in developing countries and undergo unsafe procedures. However If the desperation to receive a kidney…

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