The Travelers Companies In The Insurance Industry

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The Travelers Companies is in the insurance industry. Insurance is a means of protection from financial lost. There are two major categories within the insurance industry: business and personal. Within, each of those categories are many sub-categories. I work in workforce optimization within the business insurance section of Travelers. Business insurance insures business from one employee – thousands of employees. Examples of personal insurance are auto and home-owners.

The insurance industry has grown and has been around for over 5000 years the first records of insurance was found in China 3000 BC. Chinese merchants were worried about losing all their merchandise from a shipwreck, which lead to a group of Chinese merchants coming together
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First, I would like work on my interpersonal communication skills. By developing these skills will help me in all aspects of life not just business. Then, I want to see if the insurance industry is an industry I could see myself in the future or if the office setup would interest me. I can tell that I want a workplace where my co-workers are friendly and helpful. I know I do not want to work in a cut-throat industry where co-workers would try to harm each other’s performances to get a leg ahead. This is my first internship, and in turn my first summer working 40 hours a week. A task that seemed daunting but manageable waking up at 6:30 and getting home at 5:30, seemed like it would beat me, but it hasn’t. It helped me work on my time management skills, when the internship is not all you want to be doing during your summer. I wanted to be able to relax, see family, see high school friends, completed papers and go to the gym. The first week it all seemed like too much however after the first week, I had myself a full schedule which never left a moment dull. I ended waking up at 6:30 to work out in the morning, eating, and getting ready and leaving the house at 7:30 to arrive to work at 8:30 than working from 8:30 till 5pm, getting home at 5:30 than go directly to the gym and being able to relax and work on my papers till I went to bed. With most of my friends also having internships we had no time to see each other during the week but it made the weekends more enjoyable after a long day of work. Another major goal of mine is to network within the organization. That would be senior management and also fellow interns. A fellow co-worker said they believe you need to network with fellow interns is more important than senior management. The most important thing I have than away from this would be to leave your company with a good impression of your work

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