The Tragedy Of Our Addiction Social Media Essay

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In today’s society everyone’s eyes seem to be glued to their cellphones. Modern technology gave us the convenience to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time. With just the download of an app you don’t even have to be in the same room with an old classmate to get an update. Now we sacrifice the outcome of our lives to the app. Apps feeds our egos and determine our self-worth, they play cupid and choose our potential spouses, and are even setting social movements backwards. The tragedy of our addiction to social media can be directly related to Simmel’s Tragedy of Culture.
In our social life, we focus on the content of our social interactions with others, like how to react to social situations. But Simmel, was interested in the fact that many different contents could take the exact same social form. Interactions within different social institutions, all regularly take on the social form of conflict. Simmel viewed human culture as a relationship between “objective culture” and “subjective culture.” “Objective culture” such as all of the shared human products such as religion, art, literature, philosophy, rituals, etc. builds and transform our lives as individuals. “Subjective culture,” refers to the creative and intelligent aspects of the individual.
Simmel theorized that the tragedy of culture occurred as societies modernized and the massive amounts of objective cultural products overshadowed and overwhelmed the subjective abilities of the individual. Both objective and…

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