Pros Of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are vehicles that combines the benefits of having both a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. Hybrids also have battery packs in them, which powers the electric motor, and the gas engine charges the battery while it is running (“Hybrid Cars”). The electric motor makes the car more fuel efficient, where on the other hand, the engine allows the vehicle to go as fast as normal cars. This gives these cars improved fuel economy, increased power, and additional auxiliary power for electronic devices/power tools (“How Hybrids Work”).
My dad drives a Toyota Prius, one of the most commonly known examples of a hybrid car, so I have a personal experience with a hybrid vehicle. When I drive it, I have noticed that it feels different
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One may be wondering whether going all-electric is best, or if they should stick with half-and-half. Based on research, one may determine that the Nissan LEAF is is the better option as far as economics goes, but the Prius exceeds in performance. First, the 2015 Nissan LEAF may be priced as low as $21,510, but could rise up to nearly $30,000 (“Nissan LEAF®”). On the other hand, the 2015 Toyota Prius prices around $24,000, which is very close to the prices of the LEAF (“2015 Prius”). With only this data, it is nearly impossible to say which is better because both vehicles are very similar in prices. Although, when the fuel savings are looked at, it becomes clear that the Nissan LEAF saves so much more money. Because the LEAF is all electric, the owner never needs to buy gas; they only need to charge it (“Nissan LEAF®”). This is drastically different than the Prius, which gets an outstanding fuel efficiency of 51/48 mpg (“2015 Prius”). Although owners of the Prius will be purchasing gasoline less frequently than non-electric drivers, that still does not compare to the no gas spendings of the LEAF. Although the Nissan LEAF would save the driver much more money than the Toyota Prius, the LEAF is missing something that the Prius has: an engine. Yes both cars contain electric motors, but the fact that the Prius contains both an engine and an electric motor make it a better choice of car as far as performance goes. As previously stated in this paper, the engine in hybrid cars allows them to have as much, if not more, power than regular cars. The Toyota Prius, being a hybrid, has an electric motor and a gasoline engine that work together to help provide additional power to drive the car (“How Hybrids Work”). The LEAF on the other hand, does not, making it less powerful and most likely slower. While both electric and hybrid vehicles have their advantages and

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