Essay on The Touch Of A Snake

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The Touch of a Snake I remember the day of November 6th, 2008, the day the incident happened. It was a sunny, beautiful shinny day outside, wind blowing, leaves falling kids running, and the smell of fresh air filled the place. That day was the day my friends and I decided we should go outside and chill. Tripping over the carpet in front of my door was just the beginning of my adventure’s life. That wasn’t the worse that had happened; of course I had injuries from working out the day before, but I decided to go out anyways. After meeting up with my friends we decided that we should play some soccer. We met up with a 21 year old tall, light skin, and skinny guy that we didn’t know, but he had a soccer ball and asked if we wanted to play. Of course that was our main purpose so we agreed. My friends Michael, Kero, and of course the 21 year old guy that we didn’t know were there. Also, my parents didn’t know that I had a girlfriend, but of course I took her with me so she can watch me play. Her name is Amy she is a beautiful mid-height cheerleader, who went to JFK, which is where I went too.
Amy didn’t know I was a good soccer player, so I had to prove it to her and actually demonstrate my skills. We started kicking the ball around which wasn’t impressing at all. We then decided hey, why not make goals and play a 2v2. Keep in mind Amy was going to be watching the game. Before we started the game, she was jumping up and down cheering for me and she accidently fell in the…

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