Essay about The Top Priority Of Advertising

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In 20th Century, beautiful young women became a commercialization in an advertisement, mass media. Because all the companies are trying hard to find how to motivate consumer responses to meet the advertising intention, search for an effective advertising method to persuade consumers. However, it is not easy to find out an absolute method or means. The top priority of advertising is to relay message effectively, so companies use attractive young women to portray many different ways. As a young woman, I am interesting how young women portrayed on advertisement.
The way women have been portrayed in advertising has changed for several decades, and changed the way society views women. I think an advertisement is always influenced by social background, and way of thinking or trend is influence on an advertisement. The ad from 1893 clearly said that a woman 's place was in the kitchen, far from polling sites (businessinsider). In 1943s, an ad created by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse Electric, was designed to boost morale during wartime as women took over jobs vacated by men who joined the military. As one of the first depictions of an empowered woman in an ad, the poster was revived by the feminist movement in the 1980. In 1990s, the era of the hyper-sexualized woman in an advertising (businessinsider).
In an advertisement or mass media, young women are beautiful and have thin bodies. We easily find beautiful women in mass media. The women are selling sex then product in…

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