Essay about The Three Things That Make The New Anonymous App

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Anonymous, local, and addicting. The three things that make the new anonymous app, Yik Yak, desirable to college age students. Yik Yak’s website says “Join the conversation. Share your thoughts with people around you while keeping you privacy.” More often than not, the thoughts of the people are not appropriate. In this day and age, it seems like there is always a new app being created, and it seems like they all have major drawbacks, especially Yik Yak. Yik Yak was created in November of 2013 by two college students. Originally, Yik Yak was planned to be used by college students. The App Store even asked if the buyer was over eighteen. Although, it was easy to lie. All the buyer had to do was click “Yes, I am over eighteen years old,” even if they were not. Instead, middle and high school aged kids were the majority of users on the app. The kids found that it was easy to cyberbully other classmates on the app because it was anonymous (Huet). With more and more anonymous apps coming out, cyberbullying is almost a common occurrence. “Eighty-seven percent of young people have seen cyberbullying in their lifetime” (“Apps”). Yik Yak does try and filter some of the offensive posts, but only when they are reported by users. Otherwise, posts are only taken off when they are down voted by a certain number of users. Schools have been trying to combat the cyberbullying that is appearing on the anonymous app. Many high school and middle schools have blocked the app on and around…

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