The Three Function Of The Three Contributions Of Human Resource Management

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1) The core values that is found in a high-performance organizational cultures are social responsibility, innovation, customers services, personal growth, and teamwork. Social responsibility enhance the performance level of the organization because it shows if the company give back to society; giving contribution of time and money to charity that helps the public with everyday life struggles or to improve the lives individuals. Another social responsibility is providing an environmentally friendly products. However, social responsibility allows companies to have a consciousness on everything they do. Therefore, innovation enhance the performance level of the organization because it shows how green the innovations
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Attracting a quality workforce, is the process of recruitment and selection. Developing a quality workforce is the process that focus on the employee development, training, and performance management. The last function of the Human Resource Management is maintaining a quality workforce. This process focus on labor management relations, work life balance, benefits, and turnover. The (HRM) process are important for the success of the organization because it ensure that the organization is always staffed employees so that jobs get …show more content…
Extraversion is a person who likes to be around people because they feel confident, comfortable and is very talkative. Agreeableness trait, is a person who agree with other person and who is trusting. Conscientiousness is personality trait because a person focused on getting things done and well organized. Emotional stability play a important role in the personality traits of a person because an individual who is emotionally stable is secure, calm and self confident. Openness to experience, is a person who is open for new ideas and

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