The Three Basic Fundamentals Of Content Branding Operations

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Content branding operations rely on objectives that are different from those of advertising. The aim of these operations is providing an overall deep engaging experience to the audience that encourages them to communicate with the brand and not merely conveying some information or a set of pre-decided messages. Reviewing some literature brings to light what could be defined as the three basic fundamentals of content branding.

(a) Intrinsic value

The first fundamental is the ‘intrinsic value’ of content delivered by luxury brands that is not directly associated with the products it sells. It is about captivating the essence of the product and expanding it into a wide spectrum of physical and responsive experiences that strengthens the offer
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The main intention, however, is to develop a bond with the consumers where in they get comfortable with the brand’s marketing initiatives and understand how the brand shares their values, favorite past-time activities, experiences and interests. As per content branding, brands do not foresee the audience members as potential consumers, but rather, as individuals who share common passions and enthusiasm with the brand. This added content allows us to resonate with brands on a spiritual level and enjoy cultural similarities; all of which put together helps the brand in forming strong connections with its audience who then become loyal liquidators of the brand. Based on these motives, content branding is culture focused and not consumer focused as in the case of conventional marketing.

This concept of envisioning the audience members as individuals vs. consumers is better understood by analyzing the ‘BETTER’ model of experiential marketing designed by author Shaz Smilansky in his book, ‘Experiential Marketing: A practical guide to interactive brand experiences’.

The brainstorming process of translating top-notch experiential marketing ideas of content branding that comprehends the brand’s human like characters are developed into a conceptualized concept called BETTER. Smilansky suggests that this model allows brands to bring their enthusiastic
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Developing an emotional bond helps to engage with them in a manner that affects them beyond their conscious feelings. This step is vital in the brainstorming process because alluring people’s mind-sets and creating sincere emotional connections, allows experiences to strongly impact their memories. Honesty, positive connections and evocative feelings, these three characteristics should remain at the core while building experiential marketing strategies. They must be able to outline the concept to confirm that it resonates with the emotions of the audience. (p. 56)

T – Target audience

Understanding the target audience is an equally important aspect of successful content branding approaches besides identifying the core values and developing emotional connections based on them. Selecting the correct audience will result in an interactive two-way participation, which remains the topline priority in any marketing strategy. It is essential to confirm that the brand experiences remain relevant with the participants; their interests and disinterests need crucial examinations. It must add value to their lives. (p. 60)

T – Two way

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