The Thing I Live For Essay

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The Thing I Live For Throughout my life every time I think about the things that are important to me there has always been one thing that never became of less significance to me. Sports has been apart of me at every age. From a young kid who watched sports on tv dreaming to be in that position one day to a senior in highschool trying to find a career path than can keep me involved with what I love. As life goes on the role of importance that sports play in my life only becomes greater. Ever since I was young, even before I started school, I was dreaming of being a professional athlete. As I grew up I started to realize the chances of my dream becoming a reality were about the most unlikely possibility there could be. But, as a little kid that reality never stopped me from trying. While most kids would want to be inside watching their favorite cartoon or having a parent read them their favorite story I was nagging at my dad to come outside and do something whether it was playing wiffle ball in the front yard or learning how to throw a football. Not once did he ever tell me that my dreams were unrealistic and because he did not that is why I still love sports the way I do today.
When I first got into “organized” sports I might as well have been stepping on an NBA court or an NFL field right then and there. By organized I mean a YMCA kids basketball league or a flag football league for second graders, but that did not change how serious it was to me. When I started getting…

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