The Theory Of Self Assessment Essays

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Promoting well-being is vital in the aspect of trying to become happy. So, regardless of how happy a person is in their life, nearly everyone has room for improvement. Therefore, assessing overall well-being is done by evaluating how satisfied an individual is with the variety domains of their life. So how do we specifically measure our well-being? We do so with two concepts: bottom-up and top-down theory. When perceiving the bottom-up theory, the individual will focus on changing the surrounding environment or situation to improve well-being. In contrast, the top-down theory requires the individual to change their attitudes, perceptions, personality traits or beliefs.
It is important to understand that the concept of self-assessment includes identifying the environment and inner perspectives to control positive outcomes. Self-report measures of subjective well-being offer feedback that is valid and can be used to improve well-being. Promoting life satisfaction and well-being to the several domains in my life that need improvement will make me become a happier person. Using the bottom-up and top-down theory allows me to make the necessary changes in my life to improve well-being. First, I will explain how to improve the several domains in my life with the bottom-up theory.
When it comes to financial goals, I believe I can improve in this area by talking to my managers about receiving more night shifts. I work at a restaurant where I work most day shifts. So, working…

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