Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Willson Hospice House

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At first glance one would see a middle-aged male, who did not take care of himself. Behind this scene is a hilarious person who likes apples, butter, and cinnamon and who was constantly making me laugh. He was born and raised in Moultrie and that is his current home. He eventually moved to Florida and worked at a hotel and worked at bike week. He never had a motorcycle, but his brother did and they always did bike week together. He joked about all of the girls he would see down there and the parties they would go to. Eventually he went into the army and worked in communications but had to quit to take care of his mom, aunt, and uncle. Family was important to him even though he did not have a good childhood. His dad was an alcoholic who hit his mother, which is why he said he never drank or did drugs. One thing he does not like is exercise. He saw no reason for it. He revealed that he was somewhat religious and that he could no longer lie to God about the things he has done. Although he does not have any dogs of his own he seemed to enjoy the company of Prince Charles …show more content…
I knew from the beginning that I did not have good communication skills. In this generation it is easier to bypass really talking about things and just text them. However, in this situation I found it fairly easy to be able to talk to someone who had no one else there for him. Being at the Willson Hospice House was hard for me considering my grandpa died the past weekend at the hospice house in Lagrange. There were several times I teared up during my visit just thinking about how the life cycle works and how hard death can be on a family. I do not like to think about death, it scares me. The unknown of when or how it will happen seriously frightens me. This trip made me realize how I wanted my death to be, in my sleep. However, if not so lucky I hope that I have an amazing nurse like the one at Willson Hospice

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