Essay on The Theory Of Leadership : A Great Insight Into The Military

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Be- Know- Do gives a great insight into the military aspect of leadership while blending it in to the civilian life. Its primary focus is on developing leaders in all areas and discusses the key traits that are needed to succeed. The foundation of the text is to show how anyone can be a leader by using the three step model of Be, Know, and Do. Each of these three ideas is supported by multiple traits on how to become a well-rounded leader whether it’s in the military or civilian life. The core attribute a leader can be evaluated on will be their character. “Physically and mentally tough, competent and confident, highly trained, knowledgeable and disciplined, multifaceted, adaptive, self-aware- these are the characteristics of successful leaders in the twenty-first century” (Hesselbein & Shinseki, 2004). . The aspect of “Be” discusses One’s own personal traits and to not just teach the values of great leadership, but how to live them as well. “It may be helpful to think of theses as internal qualities; you possess them all the time, when you’re alone and when you’re with others” (Hesselbein & Shinseki, 2004). This will be the foundation of a leadership role and show others what is expected of them . The other important aspect of “Be” is the willingness part. A great leader has to want to exhibit great characteristic traits. This will also assist in how to lead versus the aspect of just telling someone what to do. “People need to do more than they are told; they need to…

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