Essay The Theory Of Intelligent Design

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Answering where everything in the world comes from, including human beings, is a perplexing question that has been thought about for centuries. Today, there are two answers to this question; one is founded in religion, and another in science. Scientists have developed the theory of Evolution to answer how all species come into being, and the theory of the Big Bang to answer how the universe itself came into being. The theory of Evolution came from Charles Darwin and other biologists. It states that species evolve over thousands of years through the process of natural selection. The Big Bang is the theory that the universe exploded from an infinite point of energy. Religion, Christianity to be specific, believes in the theory of intelligent design. Intelligent design states that God created everything in the universe. For science, God is not required to explain any phenomena and that there isn’t a purpose for the creation of things. Everything that created is therefore created because of random chance, as opposed to something creating it with a specific design or purpose in mind. For intelligent design, God created the universe and everything in it, and God intervenes in nature frequently and indefinitely. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is a fundamental conflict between science and religion. This is due to the contradiction between the divine truth and the scientific truth. Intelligent design says that it is not compatible with science because if the divine truth…

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