Christian Evolution And Creationism And The Origin Of Man

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The Origin of Man
How did life begin? Where did humans come from? The origin of man is a mystery of the universe, however, there is a long-lasting battle raging between the Christian belief and scientists. Christians believe God created Adam and Eve six thousand years ago, and that all the humans, animals, plants of the world began at that time. This theory is called creationism, and their evidence is everything written in the Bible. However, scientists believe in the theory of evolution. They believe organisms change over time as a result allowing it to adapt to its environment better. This helps it survive and have more offspring, which leads to the development of humans from apes. Scientists has proven evolution by fossil, anatomical, and molecular records. While both Christians and scientists have their theories, creationism is based on beliefs, whereas evolution is based on facts and data, therefore it’s more accurate.
Creationism is the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation. As stated in the Old Testament of the Bible:
God creates this earth and its heaven and all forms of life in six days. The
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No one knows exactly how the universe or humans came to be. However. evolution and creationism are both theories providing evidence to how humans can to existence. While both provide details, creationism is based more on beliefs and faith, whereas, evolution is based on data and facts. Creationism is based on the fact that life was created suddenly, and how humans and apes were created separately. However, one problem with creationism is where did God come from? Evolution is based on the fact that life emerged from non-life via naturalistic processes, and evolved into what we are now. Although evidence does not provide a clear image of evolution, progress is being made. Even though the puzzle is not done yet, we can see the overall picture of how humans

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