Essay On Secular Humanism

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Secular humanism a conclusive view of human life and actions that are firmly established under natural instincts and desires alone. They do not believe that God exist. And to admit that He does, would only place them in a suitable position to ask: “Who created God”? They favor experimental arguments of natural process to account for why we are here.

The Question of Origin - How did life begin? How did mankind come into existence?

According to secular humanism, life begins unquestionably at conception. When the sperm meets the egg. They believe that the future of human life, is the responsibility of men and women; not anything predetermined or by God.
COMPARISON: Technically, human life develops at conception. When a sperm cell successfully joins the woman’s egg, conception
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Many believe that their good works will get them straight into heaven. But the truth is, a choice must be made individually, and that choice will determine our end. So in essence, everyone will not be entering heaven per say. Those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God and accept Him as their Lord and Savior, will go into eternal life in heaven, but those who reject Christ as Savior, have already condemned themselves to eternal punishment in hell, (Matt 24:46). God desires for everyone to turn from their wicked ways, (Eze 33:11). But He will never force us to confess Him. If we choose to reject Him, He accepts our decision to separate from Him forever. All of life is a test to prepare us for what we will have to face when we stand before the very presence of God on the day of Judgement. For the believer, that means eternal life in heaven with God. For the non-believer, that means eternity in the lake of

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