Essential Elements Of Christian Worldview

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There are many different worldviews when it comes to people’s beliefs, specifically religion. According to Waddell, “a worldview is a foundational set of assumptions to which one commits” (Waddell, 2014). These assumptions influence one’s understanding and interpretation of the world. This is prevalent in Christianity. The Christian worldview has its own beliefs in regards to God, humanity, Jesus, and the restoration that require some analysis and self-reflection in order fully understand the essential elements of the religion.
Christian Worldview
In the Christian worldview, God is the eternal creator of everything. He created everything from nothing, for his glory as well as for humanity (“Origins: Ultimate Reality”, 2016). He created the earth and mankind as it is expressed in Genesis 1-2. He exclaims that his creation of the earth is “good”, and his creation of man is “very good” (Genesis 1-2, NIV). God, or the Father, is also a piece of the Trinity. The Trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Diffey, 2014). Other
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It changes the way in which they look at the world. Christianity gives people a sense of light and hope that helps them see the world in that way (Meeks, 2011). It also influences how they see themselves as a person. Christians are more likely to see themselves as valuable and loved. This impacts them in every way. When someone feels valuable and loved, they are almost a whole new person. The way they walk, talk, and think are more positive and upbeat. In addition, it affects the friends that people chose. Humans like to be around things that are similar to them. Therefore, a Christian will want to be friends with people that follow the Christian worldview, or something similar to it. This ultimately leads to behaviors that may or may not have been done without the Christian worldview in their life because friends greatly influence

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