Elements Of The Christian Worldview

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There are many different worldviews when it comes to people’s beliefs, specifically religion. According to Waddell, “a worldview is a foundational set of assumptions to which one commits” (Waddell, 2014). These assumptions influence one’s understanding and interpretation of the world. This is prevalent in Christianity. The Christian worldview has its own beliefs in regards to God, humanity, Jesus, and the restoration that require some analysis and self-reflection in order fully understand the essential elements of the religion.
Christian Worldview
In the Christian worldview, God is the eternal creator of everything. He created everything from nothing, for his glory as well as for humanity (“Origins: Ultimate Reality”, 2016). He created
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Many people go about their life trying to answer these questions. The Christian worldview answers these by considering human purpose. According to Hiles and Smith, this is the reasoning for why something or someone was created (2014). In the Christian worldview, the purpose of humanity is to do God’s will and become like Christ. This will ultimately lead to salvation and returning to the Father in heaven. On the other hand, there are also problems with humanity. The root cause of these human problems is dehumanization. Examples of dehumanizing acts include bullying, murder, eating disorders, addictions, human trafficking, pornography, and so many more (Waddell, 2016). These problems dehumanize individuals and become a big problem in their life and their ability to live the Christian beliefs. They not only cause problems with the individual, but also the ones around them and the people they associate …show more content…
For example, the language and wording in the Bible is difficult to understand. Even when one understands it, there are a million different interpretations that could be taken. This leads to another example. Christianity may be perceived as judgmental because it can be interpreted that they believe that their beliefs are the only true beliefs. This causes some confusion amongst people when their beliefs do not match up with the Christian beliefs. In addition, there is scientific evidence that conflict with what the Bible teaches (“Origins: Nature of the Universe, 2016). This causes people to question why there is a need for the Christian worldview when science can back up another theory. These confusions can all be cleared up if the person is willing to have an open

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