The Theories Of The Philosophy Essay

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Ever since a long time ago, adolescents were always being taught by teachers in several different ways. Since, every teacher has their own belief in a certain type of philosophy because not everyone is the same. As well as, there is no right way for a teacher to teach with their specific philosophy since, each child has their own way of learning. On a few occasions a student will appreciate other philosophies that my classmates did not infer to have had in their survey they had taken. Depending on the type of philosophy the teacher uses with the students shapes the way into the classroom.
Philosophies of Education Furthermore, there are four branches of philosophy that are the bases of each one of the four theories in education. Starting off with Metaphysics, this is about questions of the earth/ the world we live in, and how did this world come into exist and from where making everything seem real. Next of the branches is Epistemology, in which this question about how people get their knowledge already. The Philosopher named Socrates was the one thought that people had knowledge already ever since they exist. Their job was to unleash that knowledge and nurture it. The third branch of philosophy is the logical branch in which people use deductive and inductive reasoning to come up with a conclusion as well as they tactual problems or challenges analytically. The fourth branch is Axiology in which it questions the word beauty. Therefore, these philosophies connect with…

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