The Test One Advertising And Promotion Essay

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Test One Advertising and Promotion
1. IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications
• Marketing communication plans, that recognized the value added in a comprehensive marketing plan, which recognizes the roles of each department within marketing and communicates with them all. Ex. General advertising, Promotional sales, etc.

2. Fear is an appeal
• Fear works as an appeal because it catches the attention of the reader by making him/her realize a danger in something. However, it is important to use fear very carefully because fear can be effective if used correctly, but it can also ruin an ad if it strikes to much fear into the viewer. Like we discussed in class, if a cigarette commercial is too raw and in actuality truthful about the side effects of smoking, people begin to write it off and ignore it. This is because it had too much fear in it and at this point viewers tend to either block out the message or argue with it. Additionally if a cigarette commercial is not realistic enough it won’t be properly feared and if that is the case people won’t recognize it from the beginning and the ad will be ineffective.

3. 2 groups or situations humor is not good
• Medical advertisements (Cancer, HIV, etc.)
• When serious information is being given (Natural disasters, News around the world, Business information such as stock prices)

4. Problems with humor leading a marketer do decide it is inappropriate.
• Humor gets old quickly and the ad won’t be able to run long
• If humor is…

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