The Tenant Leader 's Skills And Needs Essay

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To catalog and assess the tenant leader’s skills and needs, we designed and conducted a survey. Next, we conducted an expert interview to elaborate and confirm some of the themes and concepts mentioned in the secondary literature, and help us identify some best tenant leadership development practices. After analyzing survey results, a focus group was designed and conducted to allow tenant leaders’ to respond more deeply to issues included in the previously mentioned survey and to further define their roles, skills, interests and needs.

The findings from the cataloging of skills, relevant best practices for leadership development from the secondary literature, expert interview, and observations of tenant leadership development workshops, were used to develop recommendations specific to best tenant leadership practices for FTC.

The Survey


FTC tenant leaders participated in this survey. The sample consisted of 42 tenant leaders. The coalition consists of 61 tenant leaders, so a representative sample was secured for our survey.

Survey design and implementation

We created survey questions based on the review of the secondary literature and a list of organizational needs compiled by our client. The survey questions can be broken down to the following parts

Leadership development. The first part of the survey focused on tenant leadership development questions. The themes identified in the secondary literature informed the construction of…

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