Transactive Approach To Effective Communication Essay

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Being a good communicator leads to being a good leader. Communication is one of the strongest skills to being a good leader. There are a variety of different types and strategies of communication. In this paper I will explain to you the importance of communication. I will also tell you what leadership inquires. In the scenario given about
Mr. Ben Williams I disagree with his style of leadership and communication.
Communication is a huge factor in any business or operation. When you are given the “leader” title, you should be able to communicate effectively to your followers. Different people communicate in different ways. In the article Generation Matters, it explains to us the different generations and their communications of choice. Being able to
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Williams uses the command strategy. In the command strategy the commander provides direction and the soldier obeys. (Moss and Wamaby, pg. 134) This is not an effective leadership, because it is not motivating. Going back to module one and what was described, as a leader is someone who motivates and inspires. This is the symbolic approach of effective communication. Another approach to effective communication is the
Leadership and Communication
transactive approach. In this approach the facilitator empowers and enables and the participants learn and improve. (Moss and Wamaby, pg. 134) Maybe this is an approach that Mr. Williams should try. Effective communication systems, both formal and informal, are required to share the strategic vision and inform people of priorities and strategies and to ensure strategies and tasks are carried out expeditiously. (Moss and Wamaby, Pg. 135)
Mr. Williams does not do this. He just informs people that they are doing something wrong.
He just tells them exactly what they need to do instead of creating a vision for them as to why. To communicate effectively as a leader, Mr. Williams needs to try a different communication strategy. He needs to try and make his staff happy and available

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