The Teacher Can Impact Student Knowledge Essay

1440 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
In the era of advanced technology and the online classrooms, teachers find it hard to understand the accurate methods of teaching. Teachers need to identify the strategies to provide the student-centered environment that is engaging and effective. In the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) concept, the best professional practices and how understanding them effectively affect the student performance is clearly outlined. This paper identifies how the understanding of these concepts by the teacher can impact student knowledge.
The core of TPACK is the identification of three basics of knowledge, content knowledge (CK), pedagogical knowledge (PK) and the technological knowledge (TK). The intersecting knowledge bases are also identified namely, technological content knowledge (TCK), technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK), pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), and the intersection of all three circles, technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). Good teaching requires an understanding of how technology relates to the pedagogy and content.
Content Knowledge (CK)
Teachers need to be knowledgeable about the content they are supposed to deliver to the students. It needs to be taught or learned before bringing it to the students. In each level of education, the content grade is different even with the same subjects. It would include knowledge of concepts, theories, ideas, organizational frameworks, evidence and practices and approaches toward developing…

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