Essay about The Target Child Of This Observation Is Sofi

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The target child of this observation is Sofi. She attends full day childcare at The Little Skool-House At-Tampines-Junction. Sofi has been attending the preschool since she was two years old. She also has a younger sister who is currently two years old and attends the same preschool.
Sofi is currently five years and three months old. She is a Malay girl and comes from a Muslim family of four. As Chinese is the only Mother Tongue language offered in the preschool, Sofi learns Chinese as her second language.
Sofi is Kindergarten One this year and she is a pupil of Warren class. There are fifteen children in this class, of which nine are boys and six are girls. The main teachers caring for this class are Teacher Lynette and Wang Lao Shi.
At five years old, children are more vocal and will be able to express themselves better. They are at an age when they start to develop new abilities at an astonishing pace. These considerations supported my decision to observe a Kindergarten One pupil. Sofi was eventually chosen as she seems to be more mature than her peers, as shared by Teacher Lynette.
Three observation dates were planned on 4, 5 and 7 October 2016. Three different lessons were selected to monitor Sofi’s progress of the different stages of development and her level of attainment among 5 years old children. Observations will also be made to compare Sofi and her peers in the class.

Observation 1
Sofi was able to stay focus for at least 20…

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