The Tale Of Pandora 's Box Essay

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Adam and Eve realized that they were wrong they went and hid from the “all knowing” God. God had to call out their names and ask where they were. This brings up the questions of whether he was really seeing if they would come out and confess to their mistake or if he really did not know where they were. According to Harold J, Ellens, this passage and the descriptions given about him and his knowledge, it is logical to believe that he would just come out and say “Come out and confess your sin” instead of giving them the choice. He should actually know where they were if he was all knowing. This passage is supposed to convince the readers that God knows all, but it seems to be left up to interpretation .
This specific event explains why the world is the way it is today. This myth is very similar to the tale of Pandora’s box. It explains why there is so much evil in the world. This entire section of the Genesis is about the admonition of both men and woman. The actions of Adam and Eve determined the fate of all men and women for the rest of eternity. This myth is sending the message that no one should disobey the word of God or else they will suffer immensely. God says that he created humans in order to create a being that would be similar to himself, meaning that if he was all knowing he should have known that Adam and Eve would eat from the tree of knowledge and thus disobey him. This makes God unhappy and causes him to punish Adam and Eve by banishing them from the garden,…

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