Essay The Super Six

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The Super Six consists of Adam Cline, Chelsey Grey, Kaylyn Kelly, James Owolawi, Timothy Springer, and Lacy Thomas; our group (pg. 256) was able to work effectively and professionally together throughout the semester. For this class, we chose to analyze Dick’s Last Resort as our focus throughout. As a group, we went to Dick’s Last Resort a total of three times. The first time was strictly to observe the behavior and analyze the entire environment. For the second and third time, we went for the full experience (food, service, atmosphere, etc.). I had only been to this restaurant once in my life and could not recall much about it. This kept me going into the project with a fresh mind and open to a new opportunity (pg. 369). While in the restaurant, I focused on the workplace factors and the conflict with the business. I was able to find unique information that all combines to create this exclusive restaurant.
When looking for a restaurant to observe, we were able to negotiate (pg. 356) and compromise (pg. 350) to choose a restaurant that eventually pleased everyone. Finally coming to a consensus (pg. 392) on Dick’s Last Resort, we decided the unique, different atmosphere would be perfect to learn more about. I personally wanted to observe an uncommon restaurant simply because our world is always changing and hot spots like this restaurant will become more common. For the sections I chose to focus on regarding our presentations, I chose the work force because it portrayed a…

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