The Summer Of My Junior Year Essay

900 Words Sep 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Most of my life I have allowed others to define me. Not only did I let others assume who I am, I even would (still do) let others make decisions for me. The summer of my junior year I let a lot of people assume things about me. It was an important summer of finding myself in terms of my sexuality. That summer was very hectic because of how I grew up, my family 's values, and how I felt about all of it. It lead to a regretful decision. Before talking about myself, my parents are both Seventh-Day Adventists. I grew up in the church. All my life, even now, I would go to church every Saturday. I would wake up at 7 am which is/was too early that I would have time to fall back to sleep. Then from 9:30am to 10:30am I would have Sabbath school and afterwards would be the main church service until 12pm. Unless, of course, the preacher would go over that time and everyone would go home later. That was every Saturday for me and I believed what I was being taught every Saturday. Every Saturday I would see my group of friends from church. After growing up with them we have become very close, yet I let them and the adults of church assume who I am. I let the church assume my sexuality because I was scared of what would happen if they knew I was bisexual. I believe in my religion and I would like to continue to grow up practicing it. The thing was if I did not let them assume I was straight, my church membership I grew up in could be revoked. Because of this, I thought I was in the wrong…

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