The Success Of The Containment Policy Essay

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Korea had been of great importance to the USSR, the Peoples Republic of China and the US since the early nineteenth century. Following this tradition, subsequently after World War 2, North Korea with the backing USSR made an attempt in unifying Korea across the 38th parallel, the border between North and South Korea. The Korean War officially begun on June 25, 1950 in a time of the burgeoning Cold War in which was an international competition between the main protagonists, the Democratic U.S and the communist Soviets for ideological contest and world domination. In an attempt to combat communism in Korea, the U.S ultimately introduced the foreign policy, which they hoped would In turn eliminate communist influence in Korea as well as around the globe. Despite the fact the U.S completed their initial goal of preventing communist invasion at the 38th parallel which led to the globalization the policy, it is nevertheless accurate that the success of the containment policy was problematic as it was unsuccessful in neutralizing communist influence in East Asia.

The success of the containment policy was demonstrated though the outcome of the Korean War as it successfully upheld Soviet communist ‘aggression’ to invade South Korea, which led to the globalization of the U.S policy’s. Viewing the North Korean assault into South Korea as a case of Soviet aggression, the Truman administration implemented the U.S foreign policy in part as a response to curb communist influence from…

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