The Success Of Steve Jobs Essay

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An innovator, immensely driven or perfectionist - Steve Jobs was considered to have all of these qualities and he had the drive to be the best. Though Jobs founded Apple purely with the idea to produce computers, the company later branched out to make many other successful products such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac as well. Steve Jobs creatively led Apple’s success with a drive and focus on harnessing technology to build innovative products that won customers by enriching experiences.
The history of computers is very fascinating to begin with. The first computer was created in 1938 by German engineer Konrad Zuse. The model was called the Z1 and was the first programmable binary computer ever. The next year, John Atanasoff, an American physicist built a better binary computer with his Clifford Berry who was an electrical engineer (EXPLAINTHATSTUFF). This was one of the big advancements in modern computers because hundreds to thousands of switches stored many binary digits. For example, for a three-digit decimal number to be processed, it took eight binary digits (EXPLAINTHATSTUFF). The machines these men created were digital computers and they stored numbers using wheels and rods (digits). However, in 1944, Howard Aiken who was a mathematician at Harvard created the Harvard Mark I sponsored by IBM. The machine stretched 50 feet in length and it was considered a calculator on a wall. During that time, most computer machines were built for military use. The 1940’s and…

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