Steve Jobs Character Traits

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Steve Jobs Steve Jobs a man that will be remembered for generations to come, or as put by The Onion “The last American who knew what he was doing.” Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of technology and made it much simpler for you and me to use. He was not like any other entrepreneur. If this man had a vision for the next big thing in technology, he made sure his staff worked day and night to make his idea come alive. He wanted technology in the hands of every individual person in the world. He would research what people were into at the moment. Then he would start thinking of ways of altering the technology so that everyone could use it and improve their own lives. Though this technological innovations Mr. Jobs changed the world of technology. As …show more content…
He was immediately given up for adoption by his biological parents. His biological were two college students from the University of Wisconsin. He then was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs who gave him the name of Steven Paul Jobs. Clara, his adoptive mother, was an accountant, while Paul was a Coast Guard veteran and machinist. ( The family lived in Mountain View, California or as it would later be called Silicon Valley. As a child Steve and his father would work on electronics in their garage. Steve Jobs was always a very intelligent person, while in school his teachers wanted to skip him a couple of grades straight into high school but his parents denied the request. Although very smart Jobs would get frustrated with the normal schooling. Teachers would

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