The Student Success Center Is A Student Essay

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The Student Success Center is a student employed tutorial service hosted by Arapahoe Community College. It was founded in an effort to improve student learning in the college. Initially called the Learning Strategy Center, then dubbed Tutorial Services, and now the Student Success Center, the goal has always been the same: support student learning.

Debra Goldberg has been the Coordinator of Tutorial Services at ACC since 2000. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and taught English for 25 years. Every semester she employs and supervises about 25 student tutors. She is responsible for interacting with the majority of departments throughout the college.

When Goldberg initially took over the department, she made it her goal to bring it up to the times. By hiring students instead of retired professors, students seeking tutoring could learn from people who understand and learn on their level. The exchange of information is also more current because these student tutors have taken the class within the last couple of years. She has also introduced online tutoring to meet the needs of even more students.


In any academic environment, maintaining professionalism is vital. The academic world tends to set the standard for professional behavior. Coming from a background as an English professor everything Goldberg puts out must be correct.

Goldberg has plenty of experience working in an academic environment. When interacting with other faculty members, emails,…

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