The Struggle For A Career And With My Future

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Everyone struggles in different ways. One struggle for myself has always been academics and knowing what I wanted to do for a career and with my future. Looking back now, currently as a second semester senior pursuing my bachelor 's degree, I realize how much I have grown and learned. Where I have managed to get myself today academically is a great achievement to myself. I look forward to what further academic exploration could yield.
When I started high school I was a terrible student with no drive to learn. I skipped classes, didn’t study, and overall didn’t care. I avoided taking classes that would advance my academics and always took the easy road. Some people were not even sure if I would graduate. I had no plans for my academic future
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It was at this time I realized in my last semester I needed to investigate where I was going, and what I was going for, because I knew I did not want to further study web technology and web site design and development in community college.

Since I had no idea where I was going next I decided to stay at community college for an extra semester and explore. I gave programming and networking courses both another chance and I picked up an Introduction to Computer Forensics course that was part of the new Computer Forensics degree. I decided that in order to help me explore career options and other interests I would take a Comparative Vocational Planning course as well.

During this time, I researched 4-year universities and tried to figure out what interested me. I gained a liking for programming. I decided to apply to SUNY Oswego to further my education and I was accepted as a Computer Science B.S. major. However, because of the nature of my associate 's degree I did not meet the general education requirements to properly transfer into SUNY Oswego without taking extra time. This required me to stay one last semester at community college before transferring to [[SUNY Oswego]]. Upon graduation of community college, I had managed to improve not only my academics but my outlook on education. I had gone from a high school student taking the easy way out to an undergraduate
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This involved exploring my interest in graphic design and computer science to start. When the Fall 2014 semester started up I began with a major in Computer Science BS and minor in Art: Graphic Design. I enjoyed it, however, I quickly realized I did not possess enough background experience to continue pursuing graphic design. Especially since I had a select few things I wanted to learn that could better enhance my web design knowledge.

I continued on into the Spring of 2015 still struggling to figure out where I wanted to do academically. With the art minor dropped, I was only pursuing Computer Science. However, while I enjoyed programming, I still felt as though something was lacking. I felt as if it wasn’t the direction I primarily wanted to go. Up until this point I had assumed that Information Science would just be an extension of the studying I had done at SUNY OCC and tried to stay away from the major. However, I did some research, looked into some of the classes I would be taking and talked to people, and decided that I would switch my major starting in Fall of 2015 and make computer science a

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