Moving To Puerto Rico: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Since moving from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico when I was 11 years old, my live has been different in a good way. When my mom decided we were going to move to Puerto Rico, I was excited because I really liked the country and the people there. For my little brother was a new adventure, a new school, new classmates and what he liked most was that his school was close to the beach. He wanted to go every day after school.
Even though my first year in school at Colegio Espiritu Santo was really hard because I didn’t know any English, these were the first step towards learning and perfecting this language for my future. I learned to love it through reading novels and watching TV, encouraged by my English teacher who was a really good help in this process. In school, I made really good friends with whom I still talk and had new
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The police doesn’t help mostly because they are underpaid and do not get the benefits they deserve. Before, I used to go more because of my grandparents. They were getting older with a lot of health issues, and my dad wanted them to spend time with their grandchildren while they could remember them. Now we just go if there is a reunion or something big is happening in the family like a wedding. But even my father, aunts and uncles take a lot of precautions in front of the situations that the Dominican Republic is living.
Not paying attention to the situation and thinking more of my future and what I wanted to accomplish in life, I decided to enroll in college. I started Union County College in the summer of 2013 in their Trinitas School of Nursing, but later changed to Liberal Studies exploring Science and Art as a result of not being able to get a loan because of my status. But after that situation, I was set into motion to reconfigure my plan. In the liberal studies program I had the opportunity to focus on my science courses, and planning my next step as a future Kean University

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