Personal Narrative: My Future In The Dominican Republic

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“You will have a better future and more opportunities over there then you will ever have over here”. That is the quote my mother told me the day I lifted the dominican republic to come to america. Problems that I had in the Dominican Republic never back and a new future here i’ll have. Even Though the dominican republic was a great place to live and have a future, it didn't have the resources I needed to continued living life to it’s fullest.

I grew up with my mother and father for a few years till my father moved to the united states for a job opportunity when I was eight. My father always called and even came to visit when he could but that wasn't that often because he had a busy and compact sketchual. My grandmother and uncle lived a house away from where I used to live so I always got to see them and spend time with them. As nice as it seen this was a hard part of my life, living with only one parent wasn’t the only problem I had while grouping up.
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While growing up I suffered from pneumonia and had severe attacks of it. I suffered from pneumonia for several years because I never got an antibiotic that was powerful enough that would eliminate it from my body. I had like three or four massive attacks that I needed to be hospitalized for. Occasions like this was when my father used to come and visit.

In 2009 I moved to america with my brother so that i can get a better health care. I came to life with my dad who now didn’t have that of a busy sketchual. The first thing we did when I arrived to the united states was to get antibiotics for the pneumonia. This antibiotics worked and till today the pneumonia never came back. My mother came to america a year later to see how I was doing, She decided to leave her career as a lawyer to stay with me and my brother. That is something that i’ll never forget and it’s something i'm very thankful

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